Monday, March 7, 2011

"Comfort Basket"

My dear sister in law's mom passed away this last week.  My husbands family wanted to do something for her, my bro in law, and the little hooligans and also her dad, but didn't really want to do the flower thing... So we came up with this idea.

This first basket is for her dad that is a diabetic.  We tried to find "good" individually wrapped snacks for him.

All of the hard candy on the bottom is sugar free.

And this one is for the not so diabetic... As you will see

So here is how we decided to put it all together:

First decide on you basket and buy all of your "comfort" food and snacks.  You will also need green floral foam, shredded paper you know the kind you fill baskets with, wooden skewers,  & a hot glue gun with plenty of extra sticks.  You can't see but both of these baskets have a 2 liter bottle of soda in the back. 

Place the foam in the bottom of the basket.  You may need to cut it with a kitchen knife to get it to fit properly with the shredded paper over the top then glue some of your larger items to a skewer and stick them in the foam.  You can then fill in any holes with smaller items.  We then dropped our small hard candies on top of the shredded paper, which really put the finishing touch to the basket.

We also decided something like this would be such a cute Center Piece for any party!!!


Medifast Coupon Code 2011 said...

What a really good idea and I bet they really appreciated the thought and effort of putting these baskets together.

Sara said...

Uhhhh, what major event do I have to go through to get one!? Kidding, kidding. GREAT idea though!!! Seriously, who wants more flowers after such an event???