Sunday, July 10, 2011


So, I know how every one of you beautiful followers has been wondering where in the world I have gone to and have been missing me dearly.
So, to all of you I am sorry.
I truely am. I promise!

Now I know each and every one of you have crazy lives just like me and every once in a while you just need to disappear. Well, I really really need to escape from the real world! I've not prepared a decent meal in far too long. Honestly I couldn't tell you what it even was. I have not been able to sew. I have not taken my kids to do anything fun at all.

You see we are in the process of moving. We've got just about everything (not my sewing machine) to our new home but there is still so much to organize and put away. Where away is? I have NO clue. I am having such a hard time deciding where the best place for everything is. I am determined that this house will be much - MUCH more organized and orderly with less clutter. I really truely need a more clutter free life!

On top of moving, next weekend is my towns annual Foam Day. My very talented bestest friend Shandee @ Demi Blair Couture and I have a booth to sell our goods. And I have 0 bags made! Needless to say as soon as I wake up in the AM I will be headed back to the old cassa to get ALL of my beautiful fabric, my sewing machine, my sissors, etc. Don't ask me when I will find the time to sew other than while I should be sleeping but I've got to get some done!

So please... Wish me luck! I think I will need it. Oh, and also if you have any great tips or ideas on organizing and or moving, please share them with me!

Love you all!

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