Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sharing Time...

When we began moving we decided to move everything that we needed to live and get it all put in it's new home first then we could go back (only like 3 minutes away) for the rest.  So as I am typing this I sit in a plain, boring, undecorated house.  I want so badly to get all of my paintings, pictures, shelves, etc. That is my plan for tomorrow.  My handy husband had to work today and I have a bridal shower to go to.  So I just don't think I will be doing much moving today. 

Today I thought I would show off my very creative husband's handy work.  He makes me the coolest furniture!  You will see.  But I am warning you now... you will be jealous!  He loves to use old reclaimed wood.  He always has his eye out for an old barn that is falling apart or a fence someone is replacing or some random pile of "crap" wood that someone would be grateful for him to get off their property.

I took these pics with my phone so I hope they work out okay...

This is my night stand.  He made one for each side of our bed.  They have concrete counter tops and HUGE drawers to lose stuff in.

This... is my favorite piece of furniture EVER!!! My bed he made me for Christmas two years ago. He wouldn't let me out in the shop I new he was making me something but had NO idea it was this magnificent bed. I love it!

His dad is an amazing wood carver.  He learned to carve from his father and carves the neatest things for all of us.  So, my hubby had my father in law carve this to go on the headboard.  So sweet hu! 
It says "made with love for the love of my life".

And this........ Is our front porch.  He made this a few years ago as well.  This picture does not even do it justice.  It is SO darned pretty!

So, there you have it.  Just a few pieces of my husband's handy work. 

........ And NO I don't rent him out ;-)