Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Slow Cooker Roast

Okay, I know that most people only cook beef and I love beef but I had an inquiry about preparing Elk. I also love Elk. I've heard all my life, Elk & Deer (game meat) are so "gamey" and hard to cook and taste good. Well, I've a lot of both. Elk is far less "gamey" than deer and I've substituted it in every meal I make. If it calls for beef I've tried it with Elk and you can too. "Why would I want to use Elk in place of beef?", you ask... Elks fat percentage is naturally almost nothing! And you and or your husband, father, brother may enjoy hunting which makes it very inexpensive. So, feel fee to use elk our beef for this. You will need: 1 elk or beef roast, thawed Water French onion soup mix Beef bullion Garlic Powder Onion Salt Pepper Carrots Potatoes Brown the outside of the roast in a frying pan sprayed with cooking spay on high, so the entire outside of the roast is brown. Place in slow cooker with about 24 oz. of water. Sprinkle onion soup mix, garlic powder, and a bit of salt and pepper over the roast. And let cook for an hour or two.
Next slice up some onion and place over the roast then let them cook until transparent. At this point make sure you still have enough liquid in the pot, if not add more water.
Now put the largely chopped potatoes & carrots in and cook for about an hour or until done but not mushy.

Slice roast and place on serving dish with potatoes and carrots and enjoy.


Sara said...

ohhhh, YUM!!!! We always substitute beer for the water and it just adds a bit more flavor. Just a tip for anyone out there wondering how else to get their daily allowance of alcohol into their diet ;)

Tami said...

Thanks Candice. I will try it next wknd and let you know how it turns out.