Monday, January 3, 2011

Canned/Bottled Oranges

Here in Utah you pretty much don't get any good fresh produce during the winter months.  So, my husband & I have been buying Fresh Tree Ripened Oranges straight from California and selling them.  They are SO yummy and such a treat to have.  Anyway, we LOVE to can, so... we decided we were going to bottle and dehydrate some oranges.  We peeled and separated about 30 lbs.  I am a little particular about getting all of the nasty white stuff off the oranges, whereas my husband is not.  He did the oranges to be bottled and I did the oranges to go in the dehydrator. 
I tried the bottled oranges but could only taste the bitterness of all that white crud.  Needless to say I am bummed.  I am assuming they would be better but I don't really know that they would be super delicious like I was hoping or worth all the work of peeling, scraping crud, and separating. 
The dehydrated oranges were kind of a flop too... they're not good for a treat like dried Watermelon is (oh this is so yummy) they will be good to put in a pot of sweet smelly stuff to boil on our wood burning stove.
The moral to this story is:  I don't think I will try preserving oranges again.

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Sara said...

:( BUMMER!!! I came here and thought you would have this awesome idea for them so I could buy some more :D Good trying though!