Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tyrel's Hop, Skip, & Go Naked Slush

This is our favorite party drink! It's one you can furnish for a good sized party (about 20 people) and not go broke. It was introduced to us by one of our favorite people too, our cousin Tyrel. Tyrel loved to make this drink!
Now, I am not a beer drinker in fact I hate beer but I love love love this drink, so give it a try. It tastes like juice.

You will need:
1 Standard sized cooler/ice chest, washed with soap well
30 cans of cheep beer (we use Natural Light)
1.75 L Rothschild Vodka, Rothschild because that was Tyrel's Vodka
5-7 cans frozen juice concentrate. We mix two, different flavors, one is always some sort of mixed berry
5-10 lbs dry ice, broke into chunks with a hammer or breaking it on concrete should work too. Just be very very careful, dry ice burns!

Empty Vodka, beer, and somewhat thawed juice concentrate into clean cooler and mix together well. Carefully add one our two chunks of Dry Ice, this will eventually create a slushy type drink. Stir often, you will need to add more dry ice to achieve the consistency of the slush and possibly throughout the night to keep it.  Never close the lid of the cooler... this will create a bomb.

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