Monday, May 2, 2011

It's May!

It's May and it even feels like spring!!!  Yeah!!! Shout Horray, HIP HIP HORRAY... okay I'm just a little excited.
Today is a good day :-)  Why, you ask?

  1. My little man is freakin' cute with his chaps on!
  2. We had a very good weekend!  Despite a late night (okay early morning) trip to the ER to get Jed's forehead stitched up after he walked into a flying beer bottle being thrown across the room by a very angry person in the middle of a bar fight. (We had just walked into the room and bam!)
  3. I'm looking at a beautiful blue sky!
  4. I caught my 4 year old niece peeing in my front flower bed.  When I asked her what the heck she was doin' she said, "Steele pee's outside".  And yes he deffinetly does... all of the time!  He has his own little pee spots. And no, I do not care one bit.  But I told her that maybe she should come inside to pee since she is a girl.
  5. While Steele was a preschool we went to Walmart for some ingridients to make my own laundry detergent.  I've done some research on recipes and I finally just decided on one and we will see how it goes (I've been super excited to try it)... If I like it, it will only cost ONE PENNY per load!  Amazing!  It was way fast to make too.  I'll let you know what I think.
  6. While in the laundry isle I saw startch.  Jed has been throwing out some pretty obvious hints like, "I wish my Wranglers looked crisp like that with the lines going up the legs" and "I would love it if you startched my jeans"  so I bought some and am in the process right this second of startching his sexy Wranglers ;-)
  7. I am going to make this for dinner.  It should be great!
  8. I get to go get Kylie from school in one hour!
  9. Jed started his new job today!  Due to his outstanding work ethic and brilliant mind he is now the Infrastructure Superintendent for Hunt Electric.  Just gotta tell ya'll he is SO good at what he does!  He's been very excited since he was offered this job and gave his two week notice.
  10. May means that this is the last month of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love when the kids are out of school!
Here is a few pics of the Chicken Tacos I am making tonight... I am borrowing this recipe and picture from The Pioneer Woman 

Hope you liked my list...
And I hope you all have an amazing Monday too!

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Sara said...

You just MADE my monday with that picture of tacos, and Steele in his chaps!